Blog Writing Guide

Blog Poster Pledge

I will always try to:
1. Refrain from posting a link to any material I have not read thoroughly and carefully.

2. Make sure that I understand important concepts presented in source material and explain to my readers, concepts at the foundation of my analyses.

3. Be fair in my representations of all political factions.

4. Update entries as new material becomes available.

5. Correct my errors and omissions promptly and publicly on the post where the error was made. If the error is egregious, I will additionally write a new, explanatory post.

6. Reply to correspondence as necessary promptly and politely.

7. Strive for the best writing and analysis that I am capable of producing–understanding that some days will be better than others.

8. Avoid posting off-topic entries unless I explain why I feel the need to go off topic.

9. Be respectful to the company, employees, customers, partners, and competitors.

10. Make it clear that the views expressed in the blog are yours alone and do not necessarily represent the views of your employer.

DPC’s staff promises:
1. We will strive to have open and honest dialogues with our readers.

2. We will correct inaccurate or misleading postings in a timely manner. We will not delete posts unless they violate our policies. Most changes will be made by adding to posts and we will mark any additions clearly.

3. We will disclose conflicts of interest.

4. We will provide links to relevant material available on other blogs and Web sites. We will disclose any sources fully through credits, links and trackbacks unless the source has requested anonymity.

5. We understand that respect goes both ways — we will use good judgment in our posts and respond to you in a respectful manner. In return, we ask the same of you.

6. We trust you will be mindful of the information you share on our blogs — any personally identifiable information you share on a blog can be seen by anyone with access to the blog.

7. We will respect intellectual property rights.

8. We will use good judgment in protecting personal and corporate information and in respecting the privacy of individuals who use our blogs.

9. We will keep private issues and topics private, since discussing private issues would jeopardize my personal and work relationships.

10. We will strive for high quality with every post – including basic spellchecking.


  1. Hey all! Speaking of blog writing, I blogged today about “Dialysis and Zombies”. Never thought you’d see a title like that, eh? It’s actually about coming out of our shells and making in-center dialysis a bit more pleasant and doctor visits less intimidating.

    • i agree i have been on dialysis for 14 teen years and would love shear some of my ideas with the world im 33 years old and letting the world no its life after getting on dialysis i can be reached at

  2. robert hathaway says:

    my name is robert hathaway i have been on dialysis for 21 yrs this is my life line too think that my care maybe at risk for funding cuts is scary we depend on this treatment in order too live too cut this funding by any amount is a sure death sentence, we deserve a chance at life just as well as healthy people , please dont count us out of life we need all the help we can . out raged in ct!

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