Thank you for visiting DPC’s blog, The Patient’s Voice. After years of hearing compelling and inspiring tales from our members, advocates, volunteers and supporters, we have decided to create a forum to share these stories with you. Not only is this a place to share your thoughts, but it is also a zone where you can interact with others in the kidney community and truly let your voice be heard.

Additionally, the Patient’s Voice is a place for personal insights into our organization, staff and culture as we look to fulfill our mission to improve the quality of life of kidney patients by engaging policy makers, providers and the public. Our staff’s efforts and dedication combined with the voice from real patients and advocates will make this blog a one of a kind resource in the renal community.

We now invite you to join our conversation with stories and comments of your own, and we will do our best to make it a valuable experience.

If you have any questions, helpful feedback or are interested in writing a post, please  send an email to dpc@dialysispatients.org.


  1. Excellent!! Great idea! I am so pleased to have this resource available to Dialysis Patients! I will post on my blog about it so my readers will come here, too. http://www.DevonTexas.WordPress.com

  2. Johnnie Bunton says:

    My husband is new to Dialysis now for four months. He has a cath. in his neck for right now as his graft never developed. He has been having a lot of problems with very low Blood Pressure since he started on treatment. He also does not have to take BP or Diabetic insulin shots as he’s lost a lot of weight. Anyone else have any of these problems? Thanks.

  3. Andrew Dixon says:

    This is a great idea, I can’t wait to interact with others on tis forum you have provided. Thank you

  4. Pat Dangelantonio says:

    This is the tool I have been waiting for. Now I get a chance to share some concerns with other dialysis patients. Thank You , I will be using the site often.

  5. Pauline Carpenter says:

    I will post this to the NC ACT Teams Facebook Page and share it with all members today! Great job.

  6. Jacob Mrema says:

    The blog is a eye opener. Thanks so much we keep in touch.
    Jacob Mrema.

  7. yes, like others on this post have stated, this is such an awesome idea, and I would be happy to share my extensive dialysis experience and knowledge with others, who could be faced with dialysis for their continued survival, no matter how long it takes to receive the blessing of a kidney transplant. I have over 22 yrs of dialysis experience (ten dedicated to hemodialysis, and towards the end of completion of my 12th year). I also have published two books to share my dialysis experience and knowledge with others out there. Looking forward to interacting with other fellow dialysis pts. as well as the pending and fairly new dialysis patients. Thank you for creating this blog site. Glo

  8. oops! i left something out on the recent post, I am towards the end of completion of my 12th year of PD (peritoneal dialysis), that is what I left out, I needed to state that I have extensive dialysis and knowledge in both hemo and PD treatment. Glo

  9. Hello you have a great site over here! Thanks for sharing this interesting information for us! If you keep up this great work I’ll visit your website again. Thanks!

  10. Diabetic Living says:

    Very pleased with this site. My husband has been on Dialysis for one year now. I wish I had known more about kidney failure as I may have been able to keep him off Dialysis for a longer period of time. I have learned a lot from the nurse at Dialysis Center but feel I have a lot more to learn. This site will give me people with experience that will help me. Thanks.

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