New Guest Blogger – Kevin!

By Kevin D, Guest Blogger

Mr. Kevin Dent

Hi Voice readers my name is Kevin Dent and I am going to be a new guest blogger!

I was born in New Orleans, LA on August 9, 1960. I have been married for over 25 years and I have three lovely children. I moved to Kansas City in 2005 because of hurricane Katrina. Last year in February 2012, I suffered a heart attack and flat lined at the hospital. During the same time period I also was diagnosed with kidney failure, and I spent seven months in-center for dialysis treatment.

Now thanks to switching to peritoneal dialysis (PD), I have been blessed to do dialysis at home each day. PD has given me the chance to gain my life back. I am sharing this information with all of you, because I would like to show how much this has changed my life. Now I have the chance to enjoy life as a normal person would! Since my treatment runs at night while I sleep, I can go on with my day as any other person would. Also with PD it allows me to take vacation with my family at any time of the year. Each month or so I will share more of my experience and I hope you share yours too. Please comment below to give me ideas of what to share about PD next.


  1. I am so glad that you are doing so well now, Kevin and it is very nice to meet you. I hope to follow your progress and will, of course, keep you and your family in my prayers as we both journey together with dialysis. I am in center and have been having some unusual problems lately with a blood infection and a lot of dizziness and trouble walking, but all will be well I know. Blessings to you and I love your attitude.

  2. Meshia Adams :) says:

    Hello Kevin! First let me say that you are definitely here for a reason! God bless you for what you have been through and your positive spirit! I am looking forward to hearing more from you. I am a former PD patient as well 🙂 Thanks for your post!

  3. Meshia Adams :) says:

    Oh I have a question–what are you holding where were you in your photo? Looks like you are being recognized for something??

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