Dash of Sage- March

By Sage B., Grassroots Manager

Carmen Reinke

Carmen Reinke

Happy World Kidney Month everyone! I want to start using my blog series to highlight the work of our Patient Ambassadors. Every day I hear about the wonderful work they are doing and I know you’ll be as inspired as I am!

Today I will share some tips and tricks from our Patient Ambassador, Carmen Reinke. Over the past three years, she has developed a close relationship with her Congressman. At this point, when she contacts his office he always sends a personal response to her inquiry. She used her experiences in sales to develop this relationship and wrote me to share some of her tips for advocates to do the same with their elected officials.

Persistence and personal touches really helped her in establishing a relationship with the Congressman. She often goes to the town hall meetings, picnics and parades that her Congressman either hosts or attends and makes sure to introduce herself. She has also come by the Congressman’s local office to personally drop off a letter and introduce herself. If you want to do the same, you can contact DPC and we can let you know about upcoming events that your elected official is holding in your area or give you your official’s district office address.

This month Carmen will be joining fellow Ambassadors in Washington, DC to speak with her elected officials. But, it’s the work she has done at home that has made her elected official more aware of kidney disease and dialysis patients.

Have you contacted your elected officials lately? If you want, you can go to DPC’s Legislative Action Alert page and use a pre-written template to voice your support for a bill such as one that would allow kidney transplant recipients life-long access to Medicare coverage for their immunosuppressive drugs.

If you need help or want to find out more, contact me (Sage) at sbauer@dialysispatients.org.

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